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Let’s connect to discuss empowering ways to fill your cup. The journey from head to heart is one that opens doors to the endless possibilities that life has to offer.

                 My passion for mindfulness, well-being, women’s empowerment and ancestral wisdom is evident in my programs, groups, workshops, retreats and community. 

You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and you’ll evolve feeling uplifted, seen, heard, witnessed and supported. 


Hello Love!



"Empowered Soulprenuer, who’s passion is activating hearts, amplifying growth, igniting souls and channeling benevolent spirit guides”

As a multidimensional Soulprenuer, My passion is guiding women to reclaim their lives by activating their heart & align to the frequency of their soul through co-creating a road map to unfuck themselves & alchemize their dreams into reality.

I am aligned to the initiated energetic embodiment of Yemonja, Yoruban goddess of the oceans, providing guidance to woman. I express my amplifying frequency of unconditional love and compassion to raise the consciousness of humanity. Illuminating the channeled ancient wisdom of the Ancestors, Source, and benevolent Spirit Guides while honoring their practices and activating the 21st century medicine within the hearts of all those I work with.  

Are you ready to begin the journey to reclaiming your life ,business and the power within?

My intention for sharing heart centered sacred space is to co-create a comm+UNITY filled with uplifting, empowering, activating, life transforming resources rooted in unconditional love.
- Samone Marie

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"I just wanna cry over the transformation you walked me to. Your heart is so huge! This program helped me re-establish a healthy relationship with my children"

- Melissa

"Unfuck Yourself has allowed me to reconnect with myself whole heartedly and to heal. It’s allowed me to awaken my intuition, to trust myself and love myself more."

- Lydia
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Heart Activation

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In many ancient cultures, the heart was believed to be the most important organ in the body, both physically and spiritually. The heart was considered to be the source of a person's intelligence, emotions, personality, and morality. In fact, the ancient believed that the heart was the seat of the soul. 

It is also believed and scientifically proven that the energetic frequency emitted from the heart can resonate far beyond the physical body and be felt by others. To balance the Heart, various techniques such as meditation, yoga, chanting, visualization, and energy healing can be used. Additionally, engaging in acts of kindness, practicing self-love and self-care, and fostering positive relationships with others can also help to open and balance the Heart.

This heart activation was inspired by the heart expansion module in my mentors new earth spiritual leadership membership Transcending The Matrix Academy with Spence and Jenna Madden and infused with the channeled wisdom of our ancestors.  After experiencing for myself the profound life changing atonement and implementing it as part of my daily selfcare ritual. I immediately began to share channeled heart activations and soul atonement’s in my 1:1 sessions. This has proven to be changing the lives of my clients  and being felt by everyone around them. 

In my book Soulestial , Starseeds Awakened Through The Ancient Wisdom of Their Ancestors. A channeled guide book commissioned by a council of benevolent celestial beings, whom presented themselves to me as the Ancestor Collective. Share their wisdom and the calling to humanity to ignite the light within. They shared with me that the earth has a beautiful pulsating heart that is nurturing all the souls on the planet and that each human heart when activated at its highest resonance is fueling the earths frequency. Which then pulsates across the cosmos and empowers all life forms, planets and star systems. I was also shown that as each human heart on the planet is activated it is creating a sacred circle of light and emitting a resonance that will cast a dome over the universes to create universal peace through the unconditional love within.

This guidebook  is a tool to awaken the starseeds to the inner-standing of the infinite wisdom, power and light that lives within and the importance of reconnecting to  your souls ancient origin. To learn more about this book and my other International Best Selling publications please check out my books page

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